We could create a publication showcasing youths in our Growing Leaders programs in schools while also highlighting cutting edge changes taking place in education. We could use this publication as a  communication tool to key stakeholders in a child’s education such as parents, educators, Government and anyone interested in interrupting education as we know it today. 


In 2011  the first issue of Lead went to print. 25,000 copied got circulated to local primary schools across Trinidad and Tobago. Our Editor  imagined all the things she wanted to read about the most in education  and then went about investigating and writing about it herself or sought the help of skilled local writers and curios educations such as herself to contribute on topics.  

And yes there were typos every once a while since she had never been an Editor of anything before in her life;-(


Leadup advertising was to match the tone and vibe of it’s content so no hard selling company ads were allowed. As a result, over 95% of the print advertising community in Trinidad and Tobago could not qualify to advertise in the publication. Print copies remained at approx. 25,000 copies from 2011- 2015 due to limited ads revenue. The publications was only available in the Caribbean with limited release in the Middle East.


Well-wishers across the globe kept requesting copies of the print publications. The impact of Lead Up can be told in the simple story of a young man from Tobago who was featured in the magazine as part of the Healing with Horses Summer Camp. In that issue, we featured for the first time Nelson Mandela on the cover who had just passed away. Previously, we had only ever featured local Caribbean youth on the covers. Upon seeing himself in the publication, the young man came up to our Editor gleaming, chest puffed up and proudly said ” Miss I never thought I would be in a magazine with Nelson Mandela!” He walked away with that publication a different young man than the one who arrived.He all of a sudden saw himself as an equal leader alongside a great one. 

The printed issues of Lead Up have now become a collectors items. We developed the concept and design behind the on-line version of Leadup in 2016. With the support and backing of amazing educators and writers who have been following our Leadup stories us for years, we are about to unleash a feast on the future of education to our readers.


Lead UP, a blogazine, is a feast of stories with the common “salt” being one of interruption in education.  We aim to wake up all your senses through fascinating articles, hot podcasts, dope videos, cool products and sweet courses. We aim to make your hearts, mind and soul spark on the 10th day of each month.

The end ….