This image pretty much sums up the type of guest writers we are looking for. We love guest writers to add a new spin to our stories monthly.  However, keep in mind we are focused on interrupting education and not traditional educational stories. We enjoy being super picky with our content which you probably already know if you are a fan.

Contact us below with  story ideas. We are open to listening.  See basics are: 500 word articles are our norm,  nerdy references are welcomes and we pay  fairly decent writer rates.



 Dr. Kathy Shalhoub is a MIT engineer, TEDX speaker, author,

award winning coach and an entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation teacher.


 Twinkle Darlene Correa is 21 years old a Middlesex University

graduate with a BSc in Psychology with Counselling Skills.


 Sallyann Della’s IS AN EX- lawYER and a leadership

and 21st century skills program designer.

She is the Lead Tree Shaker at the Growing Leaders Foundation.


Sarah E Johnson is a EMES researcher partner and IBO french teacher.

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