Have you ever wished for something out there to make teacher planning a whole lot easier? Are you tired of having to keep up with the  paper work of planning your lessons? Well teachers, once again, the world of technology is at your rescue! Psstt, it’s in a form of an application! Yes, using apps for ease makes sense as in today’s world as many classrooms are now moving into the technology world and research does suggest that technology tools positively transforms the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students, respectively!


These productivity tools are a game changer for teachers and educators around the world. Using apps for lesson planning helps you stay organized while saving your continuous and endless hours of preparation time. Each them with their own unique features, read on and pick the best one that suits you.

  1.   Planboard

Planboard is becoming an increasingly popular way for lesson plans. Teachers can use this app as their primary lesson planning tool. After this is done they can also view their lesson simultaneously while teaching. In addition, after the lesson is thought, teachers can go back to the app to make additional changes or edits and save the changes.



  1.   Planbook.com

Planbook.com is an automated teacher lesson planner that makes managing your plans easier, faster. Planbook.com allows you to enter and edit your lesson plans, and view your plans by week, day, month, or class lesson list. Schedule changes are dynamic, as you can bump lessons forward or back, extend lessons, or delete lessons, and your schedule will adjust accordingly.



  1.   GoTeach

This app help teachers plan their day efficiently, share/email their lessons with other professionals (substitute teachers, co-workers, administrators) and track important notes/milestones.



  1.      Easy Planner

Easy Planner is a powerful lesson planning tool for the modern day teacher. Its an easy way to wrap up multiple hours of planning. Plan all of your classes with ease with an intuitive interface designed to make lesson planning quick and efficient.



  1.   Nearpod

Nearpod offers teachers an easy-to-use tool for creating interactive lesson plans, presentations, assessments, and digital content.  In addition it also allows teachers to create digital lesson plans, share it with students during class, and track individual progress.  Lessons are comprised of teacher-created slides that can include text, video, images, websites, questions, quizzes, polls, and assignments.



  1.   ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

This app allows teachers to create lessons that can be shared via the device on online privately or to a community audience. The teachers can record and create engaging voice over presentations and lessons of their chosen topic by using some of the many tools such as adding text, drawings, photos and images.



  1.   Evernote

Evernote is a great tool for daily lesson planning. Having a record of our lessons, including what went right and wrong with the lesson as well as ideas for next time, is an invaluable tool for being effective and improving as a teacher.  For the weekly routines within your teaching, you can create templates for certain days of the week in order to save time.



  1.   Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

This app is designed mainly for teachers to present lessons that can easily be shared with other students, teachers, or parents. Annotate, animate, and narrate nearly any type of content in the lesson as teachers explain any concept. Teachers can create short instructional video-lesson and share them instantly with students, or ask students to show what they know and help friends learn something new.



  1.    Additio

There is a better way of keeping attendance, grades, and class notes than in easily misplaced notebooks or on random pieces of paper. As a digital gradebook and classroom management app, Additio lets you take attendance, calculate grades, and plan your timetable, all on your mobile device.



  1. Google Classroom

If your school already uses the G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education), chances are you already know about Classroom. Not only can you distribute and grade assignments through the app, as well as organize all class materials on Google Drive, you can also reach your students more easily — either to make announcements or to engage them in discussions.



So, what are you waiting for? Download and welcome yourself into the technology world!

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