In February 2013, Logan LaPlante delivered a TedX talk that changed his world. Just 13 years old at the time, Logan’s speech, “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy,” explored his homeschooling experience, focusing on the importance of happiness during the learning process.

For the uninitiated, hackschooling—a term Logan coined because he didn’t like the reactions he got when he told people he was homeschooled—is a dynamic student-centric learning mindset. “I don’t use any one particular curriculum, and I’m not dedicated to any one particular approach. I hack my education,” Logan says in the talk.

It was just a school project that Logan thought might get 1,000 views tops—and he dressed accordingly, with untied high tops, a hoodie, and a beanie covering his shoulder-length locks.

If he had the prescience to know that the video would go viral (with almost 7 million views as of this writing), Logan says he would’ve cut his hair.

If you haven’t seen the talk, it’s worth your 11 minutes: Funny, earnest, and self-aware. It might have you asking, as many online commenters have: Is this kid wiser than his years or did his marketing-professional father do some heavy lifting behind the scenes?

Logan’s speech comes at a time when the nation is obsessed with happiness, and that’s trickled into mainstream ideas of schooling, too. We’re actively questioning the country’s education system as we look for ways to boost our kids’ happiness in and out of the classroom.

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