Founded in 2006, World Scholars Cup is a non-profit organisation providing an opportunity for middle and high school students around the world to organize to discuss and debate on high profile, avant-gardist topics derived from a yearly theme.

At the 2017 World Scholars Cup, students presented passionate views on wireless electricity, the Moai statues of Rapa Nui, Pablo Neruda’s Ode to an Artichoke poem, Ragnarok, Gerald Laing’s “Convertible” and Predictive Modelling. 

Each subject content is systematically presented to ensure alignment in discussion/debate panels, but with many alternatives for student to choose their approach angle, still leaving room for creativity and divergent thinking. This year, the main theme is ” 2017: An Unlikely World” and the 6 subjects and topics are the following:

Special Area – Modern Mythologies

Science & Technology – To Shoot for the Moon

History – History of Conspiracy

Literature – Voices of the Almost Impossible

Art & Music – Fragments of an Improbable Universe

Social Studies – Predicting the Future

How can you participate?

  1. Sign up for the World Scholars Cup Rounds hosted by localized schools or universities on your continent.
  2. Set up a team of three, which can be school-based or independent and begin work on an intense pre-Round preparation, exploring and researching the subjects according to the online provided guiding questions and cases.
  3. Participate in the 2-days Round discussing and debating your finding and opinions with other teams. The goal is to pool from within your team knowledge, logic, leadership and communication skills to achieve an outcome of your team being selected for the most valid research and strongest persuasion skills.
  4. If you win, according to the ladder of merit, you will then be invited to participate in the Regional Rounds followed by the Global Rounds and ultimately qualify for the annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University.

In the UAE, students from across the emirates are flocking to register online for Dubai I Round being held on the 10-11th of March, in Sunmarke School and the American University. The second round is scheduled for the 26-27th of May, in Delhi Private School Dubai, with a special round for Primary schools (location TBA).

The singularity of this competition is… its non-competition spirit. The events are more a celebration to highly independent learning, self-directed knowledge acquisition, as well as a great place to hone one’s communication and debating skills. Accurate facts presented in passionate, quirky and creative ways are for sure a winner.

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